Openly - Jobs in Sports

Sports Job Board
1 - 10 Employees

Openly - Jobs in Sports

Sports Job Board
1 - 10 Employees
Openly - Jobs in Sports

Openly ( was founded in 2020 as the first & only platform bringing transparency to jobs in sports. Since then we've captured thousands of job reviews, interview reviews, and pay reviews about organizations in the sports industry. From the data we've been receiving and by listening to our community of members, we saw the need to build a better way for people find high quality jobs in sports and this job board is just the beginning.

Why we are different

We don't post unpaid internships, or part-time positions including ballpark food service or ticket greeters. We focus on the full time professional who works in sports and will always be 100% free for individuals looking for jobs. We are also capped at 1,000 jobs so there will be no oversaturation of low quality positions. If you're a sports organization or company who is hiring, look no further!

How else can we help?

Contact us for help with:

  • Creating job descriptions
  • Building interview guides & rubric
  • Creating hiring plans
  • Interview training
  • Applicant review
  • Executive Search

Other Services

Sort: Do you have a posting with hundreds or thousands of applications? Let us run our proprietary process that promotes equality and diversity, saving you time - all while presenting you with the top 7 candidates to interview
- Ideal for: Entry to mid-level roles like Marketing, Sales, Social Media

Search: Need to hire a hard to fill position or back office role like Accounting, Finance, Analytics or IT? We act as your “recruiting team on retainer”. We start with our existing talent pool and actively search to ultimately present you with top qualified candidates. Focus your time on other internal projects and let us find you top talent quickly.

- Ideal for: Higher level management positions, Accounting/Finance, IT, Analytics

Where can I find reviews about jobs in sports?

Head over to to browse hundreds of organizations & brands. It's 100% free to sign up!

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Openly - Jobs in Sports